Toy Story 4 Bo Peep Disneybound

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As much as I felt closure from Toy Story 3 I’m excited to see the Toys are back this summer and that inspired this Disneybound for Dapper Day. These are all pieces that are easily found and affordable.

When I saw Bo Peeps new look for Toy Story 4 I fell even more in love with her. She is one of my favorite Toys from Andy’s room and I knew immediately I wanted to do a Disneybound for Dapper Day.

The Dress

So to start with this look I needed to find the basic piece first. I really wanted a true pant suit but when searching Disneybounds or Dapper Day looks I try to go with pieces I know I’ll wear again or ones right from my closet. This dress I had planned to wear for Easter but it didn’t arrive on time. However, I have a few other disneybounds in mind for it and know I’ll wear it other times as well.

The dress is form Jcrew Factory you can find it here. It also comes in a beautiful yellow. This is the basic piece and then we work around that. This look is a bit more tailored because it was for Dapper Day but it doesn’t have to be.


So Bo’s signature accessory with this look is her big pink bow. I decided to recreate that look with an inexpensive head scarf. Depending on the look your trying to create there are several other options for this as well.

I added a pink petticoat for some fullness and another touch of pink. In Florida heat a cape isn’t practice so I hand painted a white parasol with pink polka dots which is what the cape and her original dress has. You could also add this polka dot scarf around your neck for a different touch. I was going to add it on my purse but then I found the adorable Bo Peep Loungefly back pack.

Because it was dapper day I did a DIY on pink and white saddle shoes. If I was doing a more everyday Bo Peep I would just go with black flats because she wears black Mary Janes. Wish I would have because these shoes were miserable!

I added a pink Classic Disney D pin to my look, as well as and adorable Bo Peep brooch to my belt. You can find both of them here.

I’ll be rocking a much more casual Bo Peep look when I see Toy Story 4 in June using this same exact piece.

Are you excited for Toy Story 4? To be honest I still have some mixed feelings but I seriously can’t wait for my girl Bo Peep! None the less I’m excited for my favorite toys to be back in action. I think it will be exciting for a new generation to experience a new Toy Story Movie. It’s such a classic and a great movie for all generations.


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