Mickey Pumpkin Wreath DIY

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A Mickey Pumpkin Wreath of your own, it can be done! Three Fall seasons ago when my daughter was under a year old I found myself missing that Fall Main Street Magic. I have always loved those Mickey Pumpkin wreaths on Main Street, and I once called Magic Kingdom my literal home when I was cast member. I knew I had to figure something out to create that bit of magic at home and I did just that! I wasn’t really blogging then, but I’ve gotten so many questions on my front door wreath. When I pulled it out this week it needed a major revamp from storage so I decided it was the perfect time to share this DIY with you!


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Fall inspired wreath or wreath base and Fall Leaves to create your own


Orange Spray Paint

Yellow paint

Mickey Halloween Bucket

Hot glue

Exacto Knife

Hot Glue Gun

When I started thinking of this idea I wasn’t sure how I was going to create the Mickey pumpkin so I did some shopping around and when I walked into Walgreen and saw the Mickey Halloween trick or treat bucket I realized it was perfect! I have not seen these yet this season at Walgreens but you can get the one from the parks here, and also this Mickey Candy Bowl from the Disney Store would probably work too!

I started with an exacto knife and lots of patience, as this was the hardest part of putting this wreath together. There is a seam in the bucket and you will want to cut along the seam as you only need half of the bucket.

Once this part is complete if you want more of an exact replica of the Main Street pumpkins you will need to spray paint your pumpkin solid orange.

My pumpkin took about 3 coats of paint to get really good coverage. I used Rustolium this time so I’m hoping it won’t scratch up in storage as easily.

While waiting for the spray paint to dry you can work on your wreath. If you find a wreath that’s already made that you love totally do that way. I couldn’t find one and I was on a major budget with this original project at the time I made it. This year I put a little more money into fixing it up more the way I wanted. I probably spent less than $15 originally as I had a wreath base and spray paint at home already.

This year I added some more leaves, and I also got some picks that had some berries and pumpkins on them. I really loved how it turned out. I mostly attached everything with wire, but I did use hot glue in several places especially with the picks.

Once the paint has dried on the Pumpkin in comes the yellow paint. I took a small paint brush and filled in the eyes, nose, and mouth with yellow paint. This took several coats for it to cover the orange paint. Make sure each coat is dry before you apply the next one.

Once the Mickey Pumpkin is dry and complete it’s time to attach it to the wreath. I tried several different ways to attach this and the easiest was just a lot of hot glue. I do have a more industrial hot glue gun now but I didn’t originally and never had an issue. Hot glue the back of the ears all over and attach to where you want it on the wreath. Let that dry good, and then add more behind the ears anywhere it may be needed.

Once everything is dried completely your wreath is complete! Once you hang your piece you can tweak pieces and move it around to how you like it best.

Now every time you walk in your front door you will feel like you are right on Main Street USA in all the Magic Kingdom Fall Magic!


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  1. October 28, 2019 / 7:06 pm

    This is so cute! I love it and all things Disney!! Great job. : )

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