Ultimate Guide to Pixar Characters at Walt Disney World

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Pixar Characters are starting to take over Walt Disney World. Their movies are definitely the Disney movies of today’s kids. For a while it felt like a lot of them had been pulled away but so many are back again! Of course when kids are in the parks they want to see these ever popular characters. I’ve rounded up the 11 you can find at Walt Disney World.

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz can be found in two of the parks these days. You will find Buzz in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom, and I’m Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios. The line can get pretty long in Toy Story Land so you might want to add him to your Magic Kingdom Plans.

Woody & Jesse

Woody and Jesse can be found in no other than Toy Story Land. Their photo op is together and their line gets pretty lengthy so be ready to wait.

Edna Mode

This is my favorite new Meet and Greet at Walt Disney World. In Pixar Place in Hollywood Studios you can now meet the Fashionista herself Edna. You seriously walk right into her studio like your in the movie as you wait in line. In true Disney fashion it’s all in the details.


Mike & Sully

When Hollywood Studios announced all the changes this meet and greet that was so loved went away and currently it’s back! Inside One Man’s Dream you will now find Mike and Sully meeting guest again. Pixar deserves all the love at Hollywood Studios so I hope they stick around.

Ralph & Vanellope

The team from Wreck it Ralph has got a whole new spot at Epcot, and I think it might be a little more permanent. Meet Ralph and Vanellope as they come through the link and greet guest daily in the Figment gift shop.


Big Hero 6 favorite self care companion Baymax can be found at Epcot in Future World across from the Character Spot. If you go later at night when most people are in the World Showcase you can usually see him with very minimal wait.

Joy & Sadness

In the same place where you’ll find Baymax you will find Joy & Sadness. They meet together but I’m sure they would take individual photos if you ask.

Doug & Russel

Over in Animal Kingdom you can find Doug and Russel on Discovery Island. If your luckily you might even see Kevin floating around.

Cruz Ramirez

With the opening of Lighting McQueens racing academy on March 31st at Hollywood Studios brings Cruz back, and a new dance party. Make sure to stop over to the new area right beside Rockin Roller Coaster.

While it’s not really a meet and greet, make sure to stop by Pixar Place where you can dance with some of your favorite pals from The Incredibles like Elasta girl, Mr. Incredible and Frozone.

I’m just loving all the additions of Pixar at Walt Disney World, with even more things on the horizon.



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