Disney’s Yacht Club Ale and Compass Breakfast Review

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One of my favorite things to eat at Disney is breakfast! It sounds crazy coming from me, considering most days I hardly eat much at all for breakfast. I’m just not a breakfast person. At Disney I want to fuel up for a day in the parks, plus there are so many great options. 

On our December trip we decided to book a reservation at the new Ale and Compass At Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. Let me tell you it did not disappoint. 

Ale and Compass replaced the Captains Grille and the location got a beautiful overhaul. It had a very modern Nautical Vibe to it, and honestly it was super cozy! 

The menu had a lot of great options for breakfast, from your traditional items, to a twist on traditional items and more. 

The location has a Hearth Oven, and at breakfast their Breakfast pie is cooked in the oven. They also have other Hearth Oven Pies at lunch and dinner. 

We ordered a press pot of their Joffrey’s coffee. Joffrey’s is so underrated on Disney property and I would much rather have their coffee over Starbucks.  We love ordering a press pot when we sit down to breakfast, and it’s really not much more than getting a default cup of coffee. 

My 2 year old kept it pretty simple and of course wanted Mickey Waffles and chose to order her own bacon for the first time. She hasn’t really had it much but when the server asked her the girl knew what she wanted. 

I went with the Blueberry and Bacon Pancakes. I dream of these pancakes, they are seriously some of the best I’ve ever had. Knowing that bacon at Disney isn’t anything to special I debated ordering them, but these were the real deal. There were good thick cut pieces of bacon and fresh blueberries in these pancakes, and they were crispy around the edges but still perfectly fluffy in the middle. I seriously can not wait to go back for these. 

My husband ordered the breakfast pie, and again this did not disappoint either. We weren’t sure what to expect but when it came out it was almost like a breakfast pizza cooked in their Hearth Oven. The crust of it was soft yet crispy with that wood fire over taste. It will honestly be hard to choose what to order when we return. 

My husband had to work for a bit after breakfast, so he went over to the Ale and Compass Lounge next door  while my daughter and I ventured to Epcot for a while. He decided to check out the Captains Bloody Mary which is the same one on the Ale and Compass breakfast menu. This one comes with a Lobster Claw and a bacon strip, so of course he says no other Bloody Mary even compares. I am not a Bloody Mary fan so I can’t really compare.

When I returned from Epcot my daughter was asleep so I joined him for a beverage. Ale and Compass Lounge is very easily one of my new favorite Lounges on property to just stop, relax and have a drink. 

I tried their Maple Old Fashioned, it has a very different spin to it and that probably makes it one of my most favorite Old Fashions ever. It’s your typical bourbon and bitters, but instead of just the twist of orange or orange peel they use Orange Juice and Maple Syrup and was so good. We liked it so much we actually stopped by to hang out again on our last day of the trip. 

Ale and Compass gets a 10 out of 10 in my book, from the exceptional service to the food. We are eager to try it out for other meals as well, and hope it is just as good. We would much rather do these nice quiet sit down breakfast than all the character ones. Character meals are fun and we do try and do one a trip, or the ones that have those harder to find characters but we enjoy spending much less, getting fresh food and a little less chaos. 

Do you have favorite breakfast spots at Walt Disney World? 

*Ale and Compass offers Annual Pass Holder, DVC and Tables in Wonderland discounts. The Lounge also takes Tables in Wonderland. 


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