Welcome to Magically Megan!

Welcome to Magically Megan!
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Welcome to Magically Megan! If you know me or have followed me for a while you know this isn’t my first rodeo at blogging. The truth is in the past I had no clue what I was doing. So, as they say the 3rd time is a charm! Thank you for continuing to follow.

The last 6 or so months blogging has been on my heart. For a long time, it has been something I have wanted to do. It was also something as a Mom I wanted to do to have something that was just for me. A way of finding myself again. You see sometimes as Moms we tend to lose ourselves a bit. Being a Mom, Wife, maybe even a full-time employee, yes they are all part of our description but we are still so much more. For me as a stay at home mom I find that some people give us all the credit, and some people think we stay home all day and watch TV, which is the furthest from the truth. In the days of constantly feeding, diaper changing, cleaning up after, keeping a household in order, possibly working a full -time job and many other things ( things I wouldn’t change for the world) a Mom should find something just for her. Maybe its blogging, maybe it’s an at home business, maybe its teaching a few fitness classes at a local gym each week. Whatever it is, while being a Mom is the most important, rewarding, hardest job we will ever have it is ok to step aside and explore who you are outside of being a Mom. This very statement was made at my first ever MOPS meeting this past September and its stuck with me ever since, it has just taken me pretty much the entire MOPS ( Moms of Preschoolers) year to put it into action.



So, with the brainstorming after that meeting I knew blogging was where I wanted to go back to, that was where I was going to step to the side a bit and do that exploring.  With that I bring you Magically Megan. A Disney & Lifestyle blog. I will share many things from motherhood, to home décor, recipes, money saving tips, lots of Disney goodies and so much more! I do hope you will follow along. To stay the most up to date please sign up for my email list, and follow me over on social media as well!



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