Toy Story Inspired Bag DIY

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Toy Story Land is days away from opening, and Pixar Pier just opened at Disneyland. All  the Disney Style is in full swing with our favorite Pixar Pals. I’m so excited to be attending Opening Day at Walt Disney World. I’ve been styling pieces for my trip which is one of my favorite things to do these days. 

I love adding a cute Disney inspired bag to even simple outfits. A Toy Story bag that I loved was hard to find, so I decided it to make one myself, and decided I would share with you the DIY. 

I had this cute straw clutch I had used from an earlier Mickey Pom Pom bag DIY, you can find that here. That style of bag was what I wanted but I wasn’t able to find another one, and it was perfect to repurpose. The straw clutch came from Michaels so check your local store if you want to make one yourself. 

This one was pretty simple, so after I removed as much of the Poms as I could I was ready to start. I had a $1 red bandana, hot glue and some cow print fabric which cost under $3 for a half yard at Hobby Lobby. The fabric was purchased for another project so I already had it on hand. You will also need a marker and hot glue. 

I started by tracing the flap of the clutch on the back of the fabric. I would leave some room on the edges so you can glue it down well. 

Then cut what you traced onto the fabric. Start by gluing under the front flap. With this particular clutch there is a snap so I wanted to be sure that was still accessible when going about gluing. 

I chose to just cover the front flap, so after the edges had been glued I tucked the top under and folded it down nicely. Then take your hot glue and glue to the front flap. Once that’s good and glued down you can glue down the folded edge at the top. 

Next up was the bow. To make the bow, cut a standard bandana in half. This is all I needed to get the size for the clutch. If you want bigger just size what you need. 

I folded the bandana and folded up the bottom and hot glued that closed. 

Then fold in the sides and glue those down as well, you will have a rectangle. 

Lastly you will pinch the middle together. I did add some glue in a few spots here. That’s up to you. Then you will take a small cut strip to wrap around the middle. 

Once you have your bow you can add it to your bag where you would like it placed. The middle was what I decided on but I think it would be cute other ways too.

I really wanted an easier way to carry the bag, meaning hands free. I remembered I had a clutch with a detachable strap so I clipped to together and it just stays in the bag and you can carry it on your shoulder. You could do this with any strap you wanted or even make one to add! 

Here I added this Reach for the Sky Pin from Oh Yeah Apparel. It was the absolute perfect touch, but I’m not sure if I will carry it that way in the park as I’m afraid I’ll loose it. 

It was also fun to throw this Jessie Bound with some Woody flare together with a few items I already had in my closet. However I can’t wait for the bounds I have planned for Toy Story Land! 

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