Top 5 Places for Coffee at Walt Disney World

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Starting your day at Walt Disney World calls for finding the perfect cup of coffee! Ok I know everyone isn’t a coffee drinker but I am and I know so many people are. Disney Coffee has taken big steps in changing its coffee game the last several years. 


Lets start with the obvious. While I’m more of a local coffee shop kind of girl I’m still a Starbucks regular because Mom life, they have a drive thru! Anyways it just taste better at Disney, especially on Main Street USA. Each park has a Starbucks and there are also two at Disney Springs. 


Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Company 

Even several years ago Joffrey’s had some presence in the parks, but it’s even more now and it trumps Starbucks for me. It’s now brewed in all the resorts, restaurants, and many restaurants have their own special blends. You can find a Joffrey’s Kiosk at the front of several of the parks, and inside the parks. Joffrey’s has the biggest presence at Epcot with several stands around the World Showcase and one in Future World. 

My new favorite stop is their Tea Traders location at Disney Springs. You can get imprints into the foam of your latte, as well as shop their selection of coffee and tea. Oh did I mention their delicious giant donuts! 

Press Pot of Coffee at Ale and Compass 

The Alto Mayo Protected Forest Coffee is one of my favorite Joffrey’s roast blends. I’ve even ordered it for at home. This one is exclusive to Ale and Compass Lounge. While you can have it at any meal period, I 100% recommend breakfast here. 

Grand Floridian Cafe

There are lots of options for coffee at Grand Floridian Cafe. You can get press pots, lattes, cappuccinos. My absolute favorite thing here is a Hazelnut Latte. I’m not a big flavored coffee person but this one is just perfect! 

Trattoria Al Forno 

This coffee is magical. Again I’m not a big fan of sweet coffee drinks, this one isn’t flavored but it’s very well balanced. It’s their special blend of coffee with cream and sweetener. If your feeling it you can order it as an Italian Iced  Coffee it comes with alcohol, I’ve never gotten it like that. 

Trattoria Al Forno is an awesome breakfast spot. If you don’t want to do the character meal you can also walk up for a breakfast only reservation. 

Do you have a favorite place to grab coffee at Walt Disney World? 


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