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There are so many options for great dining at Disney Springs and in September each year Visit Orlando host Magical Dining Month, Terralina Crafted Italian is one on the list you should visit. Many Disney Springs restaurants participate and it’s a great time to try out lots of new places.

Magical Dining celebrates Orlando’s culinary cuisine. It gives you chance to enjoy three course pre- fix diners at just $35 per person. Also $1 from each Magical Dining meal will go to one or more deserving local charities.



Terralina Crafted Italian invited me out to try their Magical Dining menu, and this should be a must try on your list Magical Dining or not!

Each Magical Dining meal starts with an appetizer option, entree and then desert. These are all items served on the restaurants regular menu but each option is condensed down to 2-3 options. Below you’ll find both Terralina Crafted Italians Magical Dining Menu and their regular menu.

We dined as a family so we tried a good majority of the items on this Magical Dining menu.

First course we had the Meatballs and the Mozzarella stuffed Rice Balls. Neither of these items disappointed. I’m not even a big Meatball fan but these were fantastic and sat atop a creamy Polenta. The Mozzarella Stuffed Rice Balls were just that, Rice with fresh mozzarella stuffed in the middle, breaded and then fried, and side of tomato basil sauce for dipping. If your going with appetizers in mind both of these are fantastic options.

Second course is of course the main entree. We chose the Chicken Parmesan and Porchetta with Polenta and Apple Mostrada. The Chicken Parmesan was fantastic, it was lightly hand bread and fresh you could tell, was served with spaghetti pomodoro. Quite possibly one of the best Chicken Parmesan dishes I’ve ever had. The Porchetta was a 10oz Pork tenderloin wrapped in pork belly, that was cripsy like bacon on the outside. It was topped with Apple Mostrada which was made with apples, a grainy mustard and peppers. It’s was very good and also had a bit of a kick. It was a great accompaniment and gave me lots of good Fall Flavors. It came with Polenta and salad on the side.

And lastly was dessert. Y’all it’s so much food, but it’s so good! We decided to box up part of our meal so we could enjoy the dessert fresh. We got one of each of desserts on the menu. Traditional Cannolis which are always a favorite of mine, and Panna Cotta made with lemon and thyme. The Cannolis were good but the Panna Cotta surprised me, in a good way! It was way better than I expected and was super light and refreshing. Next time I would chose this over the Cannolis since I can find good Cannolis other places.

My toddler also joined us for dinner and chose to order Spaghetti and Meatballs. The prices for their kids meals might have won me over. Spaghetti and Meatballs was $7 and a great serving size. Actually we took leftovers home and I’m pretty sure Terralina will now be a favorite for our daughter because she knows she can get Spaghetti and Meatballs there. However their children’s menu had lots of variety and the usuals like Chicken Fingers, so this Mom 100% says this a very kid friendly place and Kid Approved for sure!

Terralina also offers a great Happy Hour on their front patio, with half price wine, $5 beer, Half price pizza and $15 Charcuterie from 4-6 and 9-11 so it’s always a great place to pull off and stop for a drink! Try the Malbec it’s our favorite.

Disney Dining Plan is accepted here. They also offer Cast Member, Annual Passholder, Military and Tables in Wonderland discounts.

Make sure to stop in and pay a visit to Terralina Crafted kitchen on one of your trips to Disney Springs. Take advantage of Magical Dining Month through October 7th, 2019.


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