“Grey Stuff” Inspired No Bake Cheesecake

“Grey Stuff” Inspired No Bake Cheesecake


The Live Action Beauty and the Beast movie comes out on Blue Ray/DVD today! If you have yet to see it go out and get a copy because Disney did an absolutely amazing job with this LIVE action remake of an animated classic. You can order it here. I also happen to be celebrating my 8th wedding anniversary with my husband today so I have a little Beauty and the Beast date night in planned for the evening. I am excited for him to see the movie for the first time.

With the Beauty and the Beast theme in mind I wanted to whip up a dessert for the evening. Of course the “Grey Stuff”came to my mind but I wanted to play a twist on it a bit. After much thought and looking through my dessert board on Pinterest to see if anything gave me that inspiration, I decided on a Grey Stuff Inspired No Bake Cheesecake.

This was super easy to make, and I really enjoy the flavor of it more than the cool whip flavored recipe that is floating around, and is used in the park.

Here is what you need:

18 Oreos

10 oz of cream cheese softened

1.5 oz of milk ( I used Ripple Milk( dairy free(

1 packet of Simply Jello Vanilla Pudding

wine glass, jars, or whatever you would like to serve it in

Lay your cream cheese out to soften. Mix 1 cup of the milk with the pudding mix until it thickens, then add in  12 of the crushed Oreos. You can crush Oreos by placing in a baggy and using a cup or rolling pin. For the first 12 I left the cream in the center. Mix together. Remove the filling from the remaining 6 Oreos and add to the mixture, with the cream cheese. Mix all together and then refrigerate for one hour. Crush the remaining 6 Oreos, divide and place in bottom of your serving dish of choice. Top with the cheesecake mixture.

You can spoon it in or use a pipping bag which I found much easier with using wine glasses. Place back in the fridge for a few hours before serving. Mine made these 2 huge wine glasses and 2 small cheesecakes, which we enjoyed as soon as they were set. You could definitely get 6-8 servings out of this depending on how you portion them.

Pop in the animated classic or the new LIVE action film, and enjoy this tasty treat with the entire family, or just your significant other!

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White Chocolate Chex Mix

White Chocolate Chex Mix



The summer season is officially upon us with Memorial Day this weekend. That means, cook outs, family events,  and pool days are finally here! That also means you are always on the hunt for new things to bring to the cookout that people will enjoy. This treat today can be done so many different ways. I discovered this at an Easter event for my MOPS group and I have seriously craved it ever since because sweet and salty always win right? I made it this past weekend to try out on my husband because it kinda fit the theme of our Date Night In. ( Date Night In Series coming June 2nd!) However this one is perfect for Memorial Day 4th of July, and can easily be changed up for any holiday thanks to the fact that M&M’s come in different colors for various holidays.


So here is what you need:

2 cups pretzels

1 bag of popped white popcorn

1 package of white melting chocolate

1 bag of M&M’s the festive ones of course!

2 Cups of Chex Cereal

Sprinkles (optional)

Wax Paper

To start you want to pop your popcorn. Then you want to melt your melting chocolate. I used the Ghirardelli melting chocolate, but you can also use the almond bark melting chocolate. I like the taste of the Ghirardelli much better. I poured the chocolate into a bowl and melted in the microwave per the instructions on the bag. (I only did half the bag because I ended up only making half the recipe. It makes a ton and even making a half batch we threw some out) Once your popcorn has cooled and your chocolate is melted, add pretzels, popcorn and Chex into a large bowl. Pour melting chocolate over mixing it up and then start adding you M&M’s. I made the mistake of adding the M&M’s with all the other items and the kinda just sunk to the bottom of the bowl so I don’t recommend that.

Once you have it all mixed together good spread the mix across a piece of wax paper on a sheet pan. Then top with sprinkles if you choose. Let dry for at least 45 min to an hour. Once it is dry you can break it apart into little pieces to serve. If it has not dried well it wont break apart that great so give it ample time to dry.

If you are making this to take somewhere I would recommend to do so the day of, or at the earliest the night before. The popcorn can get stale pretty quickly. This Chex mix can be done in so many different ways. I was thinking the Mini Cadbury eggs in place of M&M’s at easter, candy corn for the fall/Halloween ( though I am not a candy corn fan really), adding crushed peppermint on top instead of sprinkles at Christmas time. The options are endless to theme it to any holiday, birthday party, or event. It would even be super cure individually wrapped in goody bags. If you make it please be sure to share with me all the different ways you dress it up!