Slinky Dog Walt Disney World Countdown Chain

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Add some fun to your countdown to Walt Disney World. There are so many ways to count down with the kids for a Disney Trip. I’ve used chalkboards, letter boards, phone apps but I had yet to do a paper chain and I felt like it was the perfect time to do one for my toddler.

I was thinking about what she was most excited about for our upcoming trip and I knew it was Slinky Dog. After some brainstorming I knew Slink would be a perfect chain countdown!

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My daughter is just under 3 so there wasn’t a lot to get her involved with this one as she doesn’t have the patience for glue and I used hot glue, and can’t really use scissors just yet. However I let her color slinky’s eyes, and she strung the loops onto the string. I also let her choose the colors for the loops.

Here is what you need

Cardstock or foam

Construction paper

Hot glue or Elmer’s glue



I decided on using mostly foam for Slinky Dog to give him a little more of 3D look. I freehand drew my outlines onto the foam, with the exception of the head, backside and the middle. For that I traced a cup. You could also use a coloring page or a google image and print it out to trace. For the tail I used a glitter card stock I already had, as well as little brown craft ball i happened to have too. You could also just cut a circle.

Once you have the pieces all drawn out or traced , then you will want to cut them. After you cut them out you will begin to layer them and glue them together.

Cut string the length you need and hot glue on the back side of one side of of your slinky. The length will depend on how many days you want. Take scrap paper and glue over the back piece of the string.

The next part you can do one of two ways. Cut your strips for the number of days you want to countdown. I decided to not add numbers to the loops so we could work on counting each loop, however you can write numbers on the loops if you want. That’s the fun of projects like this you can always change them up.

Once you have the loops cut and glued or even staples together string them onto your string. Then attach the other end of string to the opposite end of the slinky.

We started our countdown chain at 14 days. Each day we will remove one of the loops, and also work on counting how many they are. Ours is taped on our daughters bedroom door, it was my compromise to her wanting it over her bed where I knew it would get destroyed.

This will be fun for the entire family, and it’s perfect for a countdown to Walt Disney World or Disneyland!


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