Roundup of Woody’s Lunchbox

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It’s time for Woody’s roundup! Woody’s Lunch Box in Toy Story Land is open and has some fantastic food. I was able to try almost all the menu items for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I have to say I’m pretty impressed.

First let me tell you about the set up. The location is all outdoors. There are umbrellas on tables but that’s it. There are also only 2 registers set up for this location so during busy times it can get hectic and they have to run line control.

The theming is perfect. So if you remember in the first Toy Story when Andy

got a lunch box for his birthday, well this is the one. He propped it with a thermos for a picnic with the green army men and left it that way when he was called inside. You can see the army men all around the area, and you the guest are the Toys joining in. Even catch all the cute babybel cheese everywhere.

It’s so exciting this new land has breakfast, and I’m really hoping to sticks around because it did not disappoint. A decent breakfast that’s not table service is hard to find in the parks. Your really pretty limited inside the parks for a decent breakfast other than a pastry.

S’mores French Toast

I think this is what most people were so excited for and I have to say WOW! It’s so good. Definitely get the kids portion or share with someone though because it is very rich. This is a custard soaked brioche, that’s grilled and encrusted with graham cracker crumbs. Inside is chocolate ganache and marshmallows.

For anyone with a gluten allergy or intolerance there is a gluten free option on this too!

Breakfast Bowl

I absolutely love that this location has tater tots because they are seriously my favorite! The breakfast bowl is potato barrels, (Disney’s wording for them) eggs, sausage , and a brisket gravy. Oh my it is so good and a great savory dish. I can’t wait to have it again. We ordered both the French Toast and the Breakfast Bowl to share and they complimented each other well since the French toast was so rich.

Banana Spilt Parfait

This was strawberries, bananas and vanilla yogurt with granola and this was so delicious. If your looking for maybe a bit healthier dish this would be a good option.

Lunch and Dinner


Ok when can we do this again? Seriously I loved these so much. Ok I was starving I’ll be honest there but really these were good. Potato Barrels topped with chili, cheese, sour cream, and green onions. comfort food at its finest. These are $9.99 and it’s a good portion in my opinion.

You can also get a vegan version with vegan chili and vegan cheese, and no sour cream. Since the tater tots are baked there is even a gluten free option.

Grilled Cheese

Ok I know it’s grilled cheese but like wow! Another win for Woody’s Lunch Box. This grilled cheese had cream cheese inside of it with the other cheeses. Tomato soup is even an option as a side. It paired perfect together. There is an adult and a kids option for this one. This is $8.99 and comes with one side. Side options are tomato basil soup, potato barrels, and macaroni salad. (which I did not care to try)

Brisket Sandwich

I wasn’t sure how I would like this but it surpassed my expectations. It wasn’t too saucey, but it wasn’t dry and the cheese and pickles made the sandwich. I know this is one my husband is going to love. The one thing I can wish for is that they stay consistent. This is 12.99 and comes with one side.

Monte Cristo

This isn’t a battered and fried Monte Cristo, actually Woody’s Lunchbox doesn’t use fryers. This one is basically a sandwich on fr nah toast. But it’s so good. Ham, Turkey, cheese and a raspberry sauce. Currently it looks like this has already been removed from the menu. It was really good so hopefully it comes back!

There is also a Roasted Turkey Sandwich option is which I did not try. It is $9.99 and comes with a side option.

Mystic Portal Punch

So this is really just fancy Powerade but my it was so refreshing. I’m not sure if it was the need to replenish electrolytes, the heat or I don’t know but I got it every time I was back in the land. This land is exceptionally hot. I’m not usually a sweet drink fan but I really loved it. It is Powerade Mountain Berry Blast with flavors of Lemon- Lime and Tangerine. It is $4.49 by itself or $16.19 in the Souvenir Alien Sipper.

Root Beer Floats

This location also has floats. We tried and root-beer float. It wasn’t anything special but it was good. I’ve also heard they can do a float with their Joffrey’s Cold brew if you ask and I definitely think I’ll be giving that a try. Floats are $4.99 and served with vanilla ice cream.

Grown Ups Lemonade

I almost didn’t give this a try but did last minute. I’m not a big cherry fan so I didn’t think I would like it. It’s Odwalla Lemonade with Three Olives Cherry vodka, and black cherry flavoring. It kind of reminded me of koolaide in a way. I’ll be honest it wasn’t my thing but if you like cherry you will probably enjoy it. This is $9.25. They also have a few beer options , as well as fountain drinks a

Lunchbox Tarts

Of course we all need a little dessert some times too right? Well the Lunchbox Tarts are that treat. These tarts are available all day. The Raspberry Tart is coated in strawberry fondant with crispy pearls, and a raspberry filling. The Hazelnut Tart is coated in maple fondant and bacon, with hazelnut filling. These are $3.29 and also a snack on the dining plan.

I definitely recommend making a stop here for a meal when you pay a visit to Toy Story Land. They do accept Dining Plans, and currently don’t take any discounts. Woody’s lunch box also offers mobile ordering which is a huge time saver!

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