Mickey and Minnie Toast with Once Again Hazelnut Spread

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Summer is almost upon us which means the kids are home from school and the fresh fruits are abundant. Make snack time more fun with a little Mickey shaped toast, hazelnut spread, and fresh fruits. I made this little tray of goodness for us to enjoy one afternoon and my toddler gobbled it up. First I toasted Ezekiel bread. You can use any bread but this is a much healthier option. Then I flattened it out some so I could use our Mickey Sandwich Cutter.  

Most of the Mickey shaped toast slices were topped with Once Again Amorè Hazelnut Spread. Once Again Nut butter is a certified organic product and has the cleanest label in the industry for a product of its type which is something I love. The product is also Gluten Free certified, high in protein, fiber and has less sugar than other leading brands. 

I’ve used a few different hazelnut spreads in the past. I have always been a big fan of Justin’s but my daughter and husband didn’t like the bit of grit from the nut to it. Not only is this one so smooth, almost smoother than Nutella it was easy to drizzle without having to melt it too! My husband was ready to eat it out of the jar. Unfortunately it didn’t help him eat more  fruit like my toddler because he wasn’t fooled and can make his own decisions, I guess and Mickey shaped toast doesn’t intrigue him either. 

To finish the toast, I topped them all differently. One was topped with fresh blueberries, one with strawberries and one with mini marshmallows, and a strawberry for the Minnie bow. 

The marshmallows are the little jet puffed like you put on hot cocoa. It gave the toast a tiny bit of crunch and almost tasted like a s’mores. These little marshmallows only have 20 calories for 2 TBSP and you don’t even need that much. I definitely consumed this one before letting my toddler have it. 

The fourth piece of toast was topped with sliced banana, then drizzled with the hazelnut spread. Banana and hazelnut spread is one of my favorite combinations. You will often find me filling my late night sweet tooth with some banana and Justin’s but with its ease to drizzle you will find me using Once Again Nut Butter from now on. 

Add some extra fruit you can dip in the spread to the tray, I added sliced apples and strawberries to the tray which are perfect for just dipping right in the spread. This tray from the new Love Mickey line at Target was not only the perfect summer touch, and extra Mickey fun. Making a tray of things for the kids to choose from can definitely make them enjoy healthier snacks a bit more.  You can find more recipes using Once Again Nut Butter here on their website. Once Again Nut butters can be found at most natural food stores. 

What are some ways you like to make snack time more fun? 



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