Mickey and Minnie Peanut Butter & Jelly Hand Pies

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I’m always trying to think of new and fun ways to add touches of Disney Magic in our home, and with Pi Day on the mind there was no better time to do so. These Mickey and Minnie inspired hand pies are fun and easy for any day you want to celebrate.

I’m no chef, especially when it comes to pies they aren’t my specialty so this is pretty easy. All you need is refrigerated pie crust, a Mickey Cookie cutter I prefer the sandwich one which you can find here, your filling, peanut butter and some butter and sugar.

Use both pie crust that came in the pack, lay them out and cut the Mickey shapes out. Then you will want to roll up the extra and re roll it out depending on how many you want to make. Cover your baking sheet with parchment paper, these baking sheets are my absolute favorite thing to have on hand. Lay the bottom piece of the hand pie onto the baking sheet. Add filling on top. Don’t use a ton because you do not want to over fill them or they will be hard to close.

I went with a classic closed pie and had some fun cutting out dots in true Minnie Mouse fashion. I don’t have any fancy pie tools but I do have pipping tips and I had one the perfect size and used it as my cutter. Just lay the pieces on top and use hands to close it, then press with a fork.

The Minnie ones are strawberry flavor, and I just used strawberry pie filling though if it had been season I would have it made it myself. I’m not a fan of fruit out of a can. For the Mickey ones I did peanut butter and pie filling because the filling was basically like jelly. I add about 1tsp of peanut butter with the filling. These were so tasty!

Once the top has been placed on, brush with butter and add sprinkle with sugar. This will help the crust brown a little better. Bake per the instructions for the crust. This crust was bake at 450 for 10-12 min.

Once they are done let cool and serve! I served the Minnie ones with a strawberry bow. This is super easy, slice top of strawberry off, cut strawberry into thick slices. Use a tooth pick to attach 2 strawberry pieces like a bow.

Since these were also individually served, I used napkins to make that a bit more fun. I folded party napkins into triangles like pockets. I taped the side together and it made a little pocket for the hand pies and you can use them to enjoy and catch any mess that may happen.

Make these in any shape for any holiday or fun get together. You could also make them in so many different flavors the possibilities are endless. They will be enjoyed by everyone!

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