Magically Megan is ONE!

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I’m just a girl with a bow and a dream.


Last week on Tuesday May 1st ONE year of Magically Megan at none other than my favorite place! One year ago today I launched this blog something I only wish I had done sooner. I may not be where I want to be with the blog one year later but I’ve had a lot of learning to do this past year. Lots of learning time management, balance, still learning the ins and outs of motherhood and so much more. 

Personally I had many ups and downs this year which effected my blog. Anxiety is ugly and it can make you completely shut off to everyone and everything around you. I’m thankful for support systems who got me through that time and encouraged me to jump back on the saddle of what I was doing. 

I’m thankful to be the daughter of KING who loves me unconditionally, more than I’ll ever be able understand and more than I’ll ever deserve. A God who helps give me peace and understanding, and will never turn his back on me even when Satan is fighting so hard to push in. 

I’m thankful for my husband. Who has constantly stood beside me encouraging me, comforting me, listening to all my ideas, telling me how proud he is of me. Coming home from long work days and business trips to take care of our child so I can work and focus on this venture. I’m thankful for the amazing husband and father he is, and his constant support. 

I’m thankful for sweet friends who have encouraged and supported me to purse my passion. Who sometimes proofread post, and help me when I get blocked for new ideas. I’m also thankful for new friends I have met because of this journey. 

I’m thankful for you readers. For your comments, messages and understanding through the slow times. For sticking around and continuing to support me and this journey. 

Without all these things Magically Megan wouldn’t be even close to where it is today. It wouldn’t have grown and evolved over this last year, it wouldn’t stayed afloat. So thank you to all of you! 

So what’s next and coming for Magically Megan this next year? 

Of course LOTS more fun DISNEY content. I just returned from a solo trip for one of the purposes being for blog content, and of course Mommy time, and fun. I didn’t even know what this trip would bring, the people I would meet and friendships I formed and I can not wait to see how they evolve even more this next year. 

I’m going to be incorporating a little more Fashion, Style and Beauty  into the blog. From Mom Style, to Disney Style and even toddler style. I’ve always loved Fashion and Style but it’s something I very much let get away from me. Something I’ve really lost from myself and I’m finding again. 

I am also wanting to share more about life in general. Motherhood, Anxiety, Home, Travel outside of Disney, of course food and recipes and who knows what else the possibilities are endless. That’s the great thing about a Lifestyle Blog, it incorporates so much. However it will still be 90% Disney related in one way or another.

A news letter is coming! Yes a news letter. This has been on my to do list for a while and I’m working on figuring out all the logistics still but it’s coming, so make sure to sign up for my email list. 

Lastly this one is a little scary to me but coming at you will be a Vlog. For now this will mostly be Disney. There may not be a lot of content at first but I am working on it and its coming! 

My shop is still open, and you can shop right from this page. I will say currently my focus is the blog, and getting better at planning for it and then I’ll be resurfacing with some new things in the shop too! 

Again thank you all for your wonderful support this past year. I’ve met so many amazing new people through this I didn’t even know was possible. I’m so thankful for each and everyone 

Also stay tuned Magically Megan is celebrating turning one with a new look! It’s  been in the process for the last several weeks and will be complete soon! 


*This post may contain affiliate links. That means I may receive a small commission if you purchase something off my link at no extra charge to you.


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