Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! The Ultimate Girls Weekend Getaway at Walt Disney World!

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Girls just wanna have fun, oh girls just want to have fun! If you enjoy Walt Disney World but always go with family have I got the perfect getaway for you to start planning right now.

Living with Magic Vacations started Girls Weekend Getaways in 2015. What better way to spend time with those special ladies in your life than right in the Magic at Walt Disney World. You can go with your best friends, sisters, aunts, cousins, mom, grandma, even solo. Why? Because there will be so many new people to meet and things to do.

Each Girls Weekend has opportunities for agency exclusive prices, private events, meetups, official Fastpass’s and dining but ultimately your schedule is up to you! Your Living with the Magic Planner can help you plan any fastpass’s and dining reservations you may want!

Some days the groups even wear matching T-shirt’s, I mean what could be more fun than a big bunch of ladies in matching shirts taking over Walt Disney World. Girls Disney weekends are some of my absolute favorites. This one however will blow any one you plan on your own out of the park! Below is a schedule for the weekends events!  If you’re a Mom this would be the absolute perfect Mother’s Day gift from your loved ones.

I asked Amanda Mann owner of Living with the Magic Vacations Travel some questions about the weekend and why they started it, and what some of her favorite things about the weekend are. Here is what she said.

What made you want to Start Girls Getaway Weekend, and how did it get started?

Disney is such a magical place but for most Mom’s, they see it through the eyes of their children. I had been going to Disney as an adult (solo a few times) and knew there was so much more! Plus not just moms, but women in general work so hard taking care of their families and often forget about themselves. This weekend is a chance to relax and put a lot of the day to day worries and stress aside.  Plus it’s a great chance to connect (or re-connect) with friends, sister’s, mom’s, in a fun and magical way!

Who is the weekend truly for?
Anyone…as long as you are an adult and not a man lol.  We have all types of people that come! Some come solo one year and the next year they bring friend. Some come with co-workers or friends, while other’s come with family (sisters, mom’s, aunts).  The great thing about the weekend is the ladies can really make it whatever they want! They can join us for all or some of the events. They can plan one on one time with each other AND join in the group fun!

What is your favorite thing about the weekend?
It sounds cheesey but the friendships made. A lot of ladies have been returning year after year and have gotten to know each other. Some started out coming solo and are now returning with other past guests. It’s such a fun way to connect with other women that have Disney in common!

What is one thing you want other ladies to take away from the weekend?
To feel like themselves…not the person with all the responsibilities and stress. To feel young and like a kid again, to really experience the magic of Disney instead of being a bystander and watching it.

Disney is all about the magic. What makes this weekend extra magical ?

Our special events. It’s something most people don’t get to experience when traveling with their families. In the past we’ve had a private Safari Breakfast, EPCOT desert party, Parisian breakfast with Mimosas bar…and this year we are hosting a private part at Fantasmic!

Oh and the day we all wear matching shirts and ears. It’s fun to be in a park full of people you are connected to!

Girls Getaway Weekend is May 16-20th at Walt Disney World. Registration for the weekend closes April 1st. Book your trip today by contacting Living with the Magic Vacations Travel ! Who needs a girls weekend away?(raises hand)

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