Disney Princess Easter Basket Ideas

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Easter is almost here and I know a lot of Moms are trying to think of last minute items to add to Easter baskets. I like to have some fun with it yet be practical at the same time. 

What do I mean by that? I like to get little things my child will enjoy, but also some things she may need. I would rather do these instead of a bunch of candy she doesn’t need. I’m sure I’ll throw a treat or two in. Below are some of my favorite items for Easter Baskets this year for the Disney Princess in your life. 

With summer around the corner, when I saw this Little Mermaid bubble and sprinkler form Shop Disney I knew it was perfect. Summer and spring things are so great for Easter baskets. We have a Town home and limited space but love to be outside. I love that this piece can blow bubbles or be hooked right up to water hose. I’m sure we have tons of fun with it this summer, you can get it here on Shop Disney or your local Disney store and it’s currently part of their toy sale! 

We are transitioning from winter fleece pajamas right now and of course have outgrown our lighter pajamas. I snagged these fun comic Disney Princess pajamas for $10. We love they are all one piece and zip up. Kids always needs pajamas so it’s always a great gift. There are lots of other great options on Shop Disney and they have always held up great for us! 

Uffys, seem to be the big craze. Every time we walk into the Disney Store my child grabs a few and runs around the store with them. She has realized they are scented and it gets her so excited. They were recently on promo 5 for $20 and honestly they are adorable so I snagged up the Beauty and the Beast ones. I’ll throw one or two in her Easter basket and hold onto the others for random things through the year. There are also others in the collection, and you can check them out here


The Disney Princess Animators sets are a great gift idea anytime, but would be super cute in an Easter Basket. We recently grabbed the Moana one as we needed something to leave in the car and take in places when we were out. It’s hard to entertain a 2 year old at dinner and things when you don’t always want to use Electronics. I like to have a few small toys like this in the car for long rides, when we are out to dinner, or ya know March Madness. These come in several princess sets. We currently went with Moana because we love it right now and it seemed to have the least amount of tiny pieces.

Another great toy for the car or when your out are these Little People. They remind me of a big version of Polly Pocket. My daughter loves her Little People so this is perfect for on the go. We did the Belle one at Christmas, and I recently snagged a Little Mermaid one at Target but I haven’t seen it online anywhere. I’m actually starting a little basket for the car for little things like this. With the nicer weather upon us, we will visit local breweries, festivals, dine out and so a variety of entertainment is good. 

This Danielle Nicole crossbody is so cute. It’s perfect for a phone and cards or you can use it as just a wallet. It doesn’t really fit much but if you have a child who likes to just carry cute purses, or maybe an older child with a phone this is so cute. It’s also 50% off.  It would be perfect for a park day where you didn’t need to carry much.

Crayola Color Wonder is my lifesaver! My toddler LOVES to color. But it’s messy. Enter Color Wonder. We get new ones for every single occasion, so of course the Easter basket needs one too. These only color with these markers and on these pages. It’s wonderful! I snagged this one from Target because we have been so into Frozen lately, and it says it glittery so something new. They really have so many great products and whoever created this is pretty genius I must say. This week you can get a $5 gift card when you spend $25 on select Easter basket items at Target. 

I love how there is so much cute Disney stuff these days. What are some things your putting in your kids Easter basket this year? 


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