Disney Springs Bourbon Trail

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May 1st Disney Springs made this Kentucky girls dreams come true, and came up with the perfect new trail that would be perfect for Dad and goes right until Father’s Day. Disney Springs has launched their own bourbon trial which is going on now through June 17th and I’m secretly hoping they extend it so my husband can enjoy it. 

When Disney Springs first transitioned to Disney Springs I wasn’t so sure about it. Yes change is good, and this change definitely became a good thing. They have added in top notch dining and my list just keeps growing of places I want to eat, great shopping, and even night time entertainment. The Bourbon trail is the perfect addition, and also trendy you could say. It fits perfectly for so many of Disney Springs new bars and dining locations. 

I explored a bit of the Bourbon Trail the day it launched. There are 18 stops to the trail so I didn’t get to all of them. or even half of them. I definitely wish I would have had an extra day to explore some more. I did make it to four stops, five if you count one spot that is just a tasting of a bourbon that’s regularly on my bar so I’ve had many times. 

To start the day I took an Lyft from Hollywood Studios over to Disney Springs since buses from the parks don’t run to Disney Springs until 4pm. It was cheap and honestly easier. I was dropped on the West Side and I knew Bongos had a drink I really want to try so I started there. 

At Bongos I had the Angels Envy Mint Mojito, and it was seriously delightful. I love a Mojito, I love minty drinks, and Angels Envy is seriously one of my favorite bourbons out there. I would have never thought of doing a Mojito with Bourbon but as I’m learning more and more you can make some pretty amazing cocktails with Bourbon. 

I stopped in the Ganachery but decided not to get a drink there. The option for the Ganachery is Woodford Reserve. It’s not a cocktail it’s just the bourbon. If you have never had this bourbon I 100% recommend making a stop there. It happens to be one of my favorites, and even better why not try it with some delicious chocolate, I mean it smells absolutely delightful in there. 


Next stop was Jock Lindsey’s Hanger Bar. I really love this location, plus the nice deck on the water they have in the back. I had the Coffee Old Fashioned. I have really come to love a good Old Fashioned and this one had Joffrey’s  Cold Brew so it was a no brainer. I was also pretty tired and hadn’t had much coffee that day so that made it even better. 

This was another one of those I wouldn’t have thought about that combination cocktails but it was fantastic. The drink was a combination of Woodford Reserve, Kahlua, Joffrey’s Cold Brew, Vanilla Syrup, Aromatic Bitters, and topped a coffee ganache square. I chatted with the bar tender for a bit and this one and several other bourbon drinks are regularly on their menu. They even have a very special bottle of Knob Creek bourbon that is exclusive to Disney Springs. 


The next stop was Art Smiths Homecoming for a drink and some food. This is seriously one of my favorite meals at Disney Springs. We have been a few times and it has never been disappointing. I wanted to try some food that was on the pairing list and the Thigh High Chicken biscuits were calling my name. These are on the app menu all the time and boy are they worth every delicious calorie. 

I also had The Old Fashioned Elder, which was Michter’s Bourbon and St. Germain Elderflower. It was a very nice twist on a bourbon classic. This is also a regular item on the menu here. 

Lastly I visited Paddlefish. I had actually never even stepped foot in this location, even when it had previous occupants. It’s absolutely beautiful inside. I’m a big Sangria fan and I’ve made Bourbon Sangria a few times so I knew I wanted to give this one a try. 

The Southern Sangria was Medleys Bros. bourbon, peach liqueur, Tempranillo. Seasonal fruit with warm notes of caramel, oak, and spices with touches of creamy vanilla, milk chocolate, and caramelized sugar. It was very tasty and also very refreshing, and the bar tender was full of great conversation since I was solo. 

There are many other locations with drinks and treats on the trail. You can check out the full details here on the Disney Parks Blog, and you can pick up a Passport at any of the locations along the trail. 

Here are a few other drinks I would recommend if your decide to venture on the trail. 

Fine and Mellow from House of Blues 

Enzo’s Bourbon Swizzle from Enzo’s Hideaway 

Peach Tree Downs from The Edison 

Orlando Pride at the Boathouse (I really wanted to go back for this so I’m hoping it’s a regular menu item) 

I’m secretly hoping they will extend the trail a bit longer, however I know many of these cocktails will stick around. Do you hope to see more things like this at Disney Springs in the future? 




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