Disney Skyliner 6 Tips for riding with kids

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The new Disney Skyliner is here and we finally took a ride on the new most magic flight on earth. I wanted to share a few tips especially if your riding with kids that will make it more enjoyable for you.

Disney Skyliner

Disney Skyliner

1. Sit forward facing

This may be more for me than the kids, but the first ride we took on the Disney Skyliner I sat backwards of the direction the Gondola was going and I was not a fan. I sat forward all the other rides with no issue at all. I think for kids this is also a great tip that way they can get some of the best views.

2. Strollers

You can bring the stroller on board the Disney Skyliner and most strollers don’t have to be folded. Some double strollers will need to be as the size limit is a bit smaller than the Disney allowed size of stroller.

Disney Skyliner

3. Stop and Explore

I love how easy the Disney Skyliner now makes it for guest to explore even more resorts without having to use the busses. This is honestly a great activity for a day you don’t have a park ticket. This transportation is so efficient. With stops at Carribean Beach, Riveria which doesn’t open until December 2019, Disney’s Pop Century and Art of Animation, and the backside of Epcot which makes getting to Disney’s Boardwalk, and Yacht and Beach Club so much easier.

Disney Skyliner

4. Night Time Riding

If you have a child who is afraid of it being dark I recommend being prepared to turn on your phone light. While there is some light it is still pretty dark for kids who have issues with the dark. My daughter was fine on the one from Epcot to Caribbean but the one back to Hollywood Studios was much more dark at night. The flash light on your phone would most likely be fine.

5. Bathrooms

Ok this is definitely the Mom in me but I think it’s important to know where bathrooms are. I can’t tell you how many times we have been in line after I asked her to try to potty and then guess what she needs to go. If your doing this for fun to get from A to B, sometimes bathroom breaks are needed at not always the best time. The Carribean Beach station is the main station connecting you to all the other ones. This one has a bathroom right there on the platform. The stop at Art of Animation and Pop Century there is one to the right as you walk into Art of Animation. At Epcot and Hollywood Studios there are some outside of the park but they are a bit off the main platform. It’s always nice to know where they are located, also busier times at night there may be a small wait for the Skyliner you just never know.

6. Loading and Unloading

The Skyliner isn’t one long line with a few stops, that keeps going. The Carribean Beach Resort like I mentioned before is the main hub for the Skyliner where you can connect to all different stations. This also does mean you have to get off to get back on, with the exception of the Riveria Resort stop, as that continues to Epcot.

So as an example, you have a non park day and so you decide to take a bus to Hollywood Studios and hop on the Disney Skyliner to go resort hop. You would take the Disney Skyliner from Hollywood Studios to Carribean Beach which is a very short ride and then go to any of the other resorts. Honestly I will probably now even chose this to go Epcot from Hollywood Studios over taking the boat. The ride to Epcot on the Disney Skyliner was my absolute favorite of them all. The views were great.





Take your time and truly enjoy the experience. If your staying at one of the connecting resorts take full advantage of it!


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