Cranberry Bourbon Mule

I love a good Moscow Mule, but I love a Bourbon one even more. With the holidays and the season I wanted to try to add some cranberry to the mix. 

You could use this recipe with Bourbon or Vodka. The cranberry might stand out a little more with the vodka also. 


2 oz Bourbon or Vodka 

4 oz Ginger Beer (I used Trader Joe’s Ginger Brew)

1/2 oz of lime juice 

Cranberry Ginger-ale


Cranberries (optional) 

Fill Mule Mugs with ice, Add Bourbon, then lime juice, and top with the Ginger Beer. Top with Cranberry Ginger-ale and stir. Add lime slice to glass, and top drink with Cranberries. 

Mix these up for a festive night at home, a Holiday Party, or just because. What cocktails do you enjoy for the Holiday Season? 

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