Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays Cookie Stroll

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Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays kicked off Sunday November 18th and new this year is the festivals Holiday Cookie Stroll. I loved that they added this little Cookie Stroll because it’s add a little something extra fun for the kids to get excited about.

There are 5 total stops on the trail, you can get your Festival Passport stamped in the back at each location and once you complete the Stroll you get a completer cookie which is a Mickey shaped cookie and a milk.

Green and White Sugar Cookie

This was actually a very good sugar cookie. It was of course a classic but it was chewy and fresh and delicious. You can find this one at the American Holiday Table.


Peppermint Sugar Cookie

Another sugar cookie but this has a very different taste than the other one. You can definitely taste the peppermint in the cookie and I would have never thought of mixing that with a sugar cookie but it works so well. This one can be found at the Bavaria Holiday Kitchen in Germany.


Red and Green Chocolate Chip Cookie

For this kind of event I have to say this was a good Chocolate Chip cookie. It wasn’t a cheap flat one it was rounded and a good size. It was adorned on top with red and green icing. This one can be found at the Feast of the Three Kings in the Showcase Plaza.

Black and White Cookie

I love a good classic Black and White cookie and this one was no exception. It had a hint of lemon flavor to me but it was soft and very good. This can be found at the new L’Chaimi Holiday Kitchen between France and Morroco.

Gold Chocolate Chip Cookie

This was another chocolate chip cookie just like the one found at the Feast of the Three Kings. To be honest there was no difference other than the chocolate drizzle and gold sprinkles on top. This cookie can be found Yukon Holiday Kitchen in Canada.

Mickey Ears Cookie

Once you get all 5 stamps you can take your passport to the Holiday Sweet and Treats to get your completer cookie. They also give you a little bottle of Fairlife milk.

This was a fun and affordable activity to do with our daughter. It would be better if you have multiple days. At only $2 a cookie it’s definitely affordable to do this fun trail with kids. We did bring a few home with us.

You can also grab this jar from any of the merchandise locations that sell Festival merchandise and the cookies will fit inside for safe keeping. At $19.99 I didn’t do that but maybe I should have so my cookies would survive but really didn’t want to spend that money.

You should also check out the Chip and Dale Ornament Scavenger Hunt. It’s $6.99 before an AP discount if you have one. You get a set of Greeting Cards once you complete it .I love that Epcot is adding more ways for the kids to enjoy the festivals.


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