12 Must-Dos at Walt Disney World for Christmas

  It’s November and we can finally start talking about Christmas! I’ve got so many good Christmas things planned for the blog. It’s my favorite time of year, especially in the Disney Parks. Today I…

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10 Christmas Characters at Walt Disney World

Christmas Trees, lights and Christmas Characters at Walt Disney World  Oh My! The Holiday Season is here and it’s so fun to see the parks decked out in all the Christmas decor, and Christmas music playing. The treats are themed, holiday merchandise adorns the shelves but what about those adorable characters we all know and love?

There are spots to find some of the  Christmas Characters in Walt Disney World . Yes even without going to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

Mickey and Minnie

You can fine Mickey and Minnie in their Holiday sweaters at Animal Kingdom. This is a spot I love because you can still see Mickey and Minnie together there.

Christmas Mickey and Minnie

Santa Goofy

While it states in the Hollywood Times Guide that Santa Goofy won’t be meeting until right after Santa heads back to the North Pole to go deliver Christmas gifts at Holly he is also often out to the left of Muppets Courtyard across from Baseline Taphouse. He can also be found at Minnie’s Holiday Dine at Hollywood and Vine which is what is pictured here.

Santa GoofySanta Goofy

Chip and Dale

You can find Chip and Dale with a little Holiday flare at Hollywood Studios not far from where Santa Goofy is. They will be to the right of Muppets Courtyard down near where the wall is for Star Wars Land.

Holiday Chip and Dale Holiday Chip and DaleHoliday Chip and Dale


You can find Pluto all cozied up for winter at Epcot. His location has moved as he is in the front of the park to the right, right before you get to Space Ship earth. We love Pluto and his little Ear Muffs and scarf are just adorable!

Belle in her Christmas Dress

You can find Belle all fancy in her beautiful Christmas dress. I love she comes out in this. She is in the gazebo on the right side of the France pavilion where you typically see Aurora and Aurora has moved where you typically find Belle.

Christmas Belle at Epcot

Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jesse

You can find the gang from Toy Story in Toy Story Land with a bit of holiday fun this year. Buzz has a Santa hat, and Woody and Jesse has on their Christmas vest. Toy Story Land is so festive and I love it!

Santa Buzz Lightyear Santa Buzz Light Year

Santa and Mrs. Claus

You can find Santa a few places at Walt Disney World. He is Disney Springs, Hollywood Studios, and Mrs. Claus joins him at Epcot. While I know he isn’t a Disney character the experience seeing Santa at Disney Parks is one that you should totally take advantage of if you can!

Santa at Hollywood Studios Santa at Hollywood Studios

While this isn’t free if you dine at Minnies Hollywood Dine for lunch or dinner you can see Santa Goofy, Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Daisy all in their Christmas outfits! Of course you can also see some of the gang at Mickey’s Verry Merry Christmas Party as well which is a separate event ticket but their outfits are different from what you see in the parks daily.

Minnie's Holiday Dine

Christmas Mickey at Minnie's Holiday Dine

Minnie's Holiday Dine

Make the most of being in the parks this season and visit these characters in their Holiday outfits. It’s fun and also a unique experience you can only get this time of year.


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6 tips for visiting Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays with Kids


Epcot is one of our favorite parks, even my preschooler loves it so we are always seeking all the fun extra things to do with kids during Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays . With all the festivals the park now host there are tons of additions that are perfect for kids!

Epcot's Festival of the Holidays Aurora

Holiday Cookie Stroll

Returning this year is the Festival of the Holiday’s Cookie Stroll. This is fun and affordable as each cookie is $2 each. Plus what kid doesn’t love a cookie. You can read more about it here on my blog post all about the new Cookie Stroll.

Holiday Cookie Epcot's Festival of the Holidays


Chip and Dales Ornament Hunt

We love the scavenger hunts that come with each festival. My toddler is now old enough to enjoy and understand them and she has a blast. It also makes our stroll through the World Showcase that much better! I have to say this one was a little bit tougher even for Mom and Dad but we still had a lot of fun doing it. Upon completion you get to pick out a set of Holiday Cards. The cost for the map is $6.99 and if your an Annual Passholder you do get a discount.

Chip and Dales Ornament Hunt


Storytellers Around World Showcase

One of my favorite things about Epcot that has been around for years is the Story Tellers Around World Showcase. Most of the countries have some kind of storyteller that talks about their Holiday traditions like Pierre Noel in France, Three Kings in Mexico, Father Christmas in the United Kingdom. You can also meet Santa and Mrs. Claus in the American Pavilion. Guide and times can be found in the Parks Times Guide.

Pierre Noel France Epcot's Festival of the Holidays

Disney Characters in Holiday Attire

I always love when the characters have on special outfits. In Walt Disney World I feel like that doesn’t happen enough so it’s exciting the few times it does. At Epcot you can see Belle in her Christmas dress, as well as Pluto and Daisy with a touch of Holiday Cheer. Some of the princesses also have an extra touch of Holiday Magic as well. A Times guide with locations and meeting times is available inside the park.

Festival of the Holidays Pluto

Taste Treats from Holiday Kitchens

There are more Holiday Kitchens this year and many Kid Friendly things to eat. Taste favorites from around the World. Inside the Festival Passport anything that has a Gingerbread Man next to it is kid friendly.

Epcot's Festival of the Holidays Food

Yule Log Epcot's Festival of the Holidays


This is here all year and is always a fun addition to Epcot park day. Stop in each country at the Kid Cot Station for a Passport Stamp and card with information about each country. Each card also has a little coloring page as well.

If you have older kids don’t miss out on Candlelight Processional. It’s the best event at Christmas Disney has to offer in my opinion but it is hard to do with younger children.

Walt Disney World has so much to offer during the Holiday Season. Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays is one of those not to miss places that just makes me so happy. Do you have a favorite place during the holidays at Disney?


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20 Ideas for your Holiday Mischief with Stitch

Move over Elf on the Shelf there’s a new guy in town and really he isn’t so new he’s Stitch. The well loves pet of Lilo from outer space and just in time for the Holidays it’s his first Holiday Season here on earth.

Holiday Mischief With Stitch

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Holiday Mischief With Stitch Idea



Stitch comes with a book, he is posable and his Hawaiian Santa hat can be swapped from Nice to Naughty. The book Holiday Mischief with Stitch teaches Stitch about Holiday traditions here on earth. Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza and how people celebrate differently. It is a longer read but even my short attention span 3 year old loved it. When I brought him out she couldn’t wait to see what he was going to be up to next.


I know coming up with ideas for these things can be tough. Some days Stitch will bring things. Mostly craft or Christmas type things. Others he will just be somewhere new, and we are also incorporating some acts of kindness and as well as incorporating him in remembering the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus Birthday. Here I’m sharing ideas for your Holiday Mischief with Stitch.

1. Add him into your Christmas Decor

This is so easy to do! Here is just placed Stitch on top of my little white houses, almost like Santa.

Holiday Mischief With Stitch Idea Holiday Mischief With Stitch Idea


2. Let Stitch Nap

Use a Christmas Stocking like a sleeping bag for Stitch. He napped or slept all night in the Christmas stocking, he was tired from all the Mischief and wanted to take a break.

Holiday Mischief With Stitch

3. Have a Tea Party

This Beauty and the Beast Tea Cart was so perfect for Stitch. If you have a little girl you probably have a tea set of some sort. Set it up for Stitch to be having a Tea Party. Your littles will love it.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch

4. Oooooo you have been Chosen

Let Stitch be the chosen one. I just couldn’t resist this with our Santa Alien popcorn bucket and will definitely be using this in my house on one of those I just have nothing else nights. You can totally DIY an Alien use Alien Toys you might have, or whatever else you can come up with.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea

Holiday Mischief With Stitch Idea

5. There Seems to be no Sign of Intelligent Life Anywhere

We love Slinky Dog Dash. My toddler loved it from the moment she saw commercials so I brought her Slinky home from Toy Story Weekend. Of course this little mini Toy Story Land set up was perfect.

Holiday Mischief With Stitch Idea

6. Hanging off a Countdown Chain

We have this Slinky Countdown that my daughter just wanted to leave up so we dressed him up for Christmas. You can find the DIY Slinky Countdown here. Maybe you have a countdown chain for Christmas or could easily make one. Stitch hands move perfectly to hang on.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea

See how we made this Countdown Chain here. 

7. Taking a Bubble Bath

Stitch got into some playroom Mischief and decided to take a bubble bath in the play kitchen sink. I used peppermint marshmallows since they were pink and also what I had on hand but any mini ones would work for this.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea

8. Boogity Boogity Lets Go Racing

Chances are you have some toy cars laying around the house. Pull them out and set Stitch up for race with friends. Your kids will surely get a kick out of it.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea

9. Bring a Gingerbread House

Have an activity you already plan to do with the kids like a gingerbread house? Have stitch bring it the day you plan to do it. It’s an easy very little effort idea.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea

10. Coloring

Stitch got into the crayons and is solving word puzzles and is ready to color. I grabbed this Christmas themed pack in the Target Dollar Spot but you can totally use something you already have.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea

11.All Tangled Up

Find a cheap, yet fun engaging activity for your child. These are great for coordination and they are another Dollar Spot find. For a toddler they can provide a good bit of entertainment.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea

Target Christmas find

12.Get Into the Coffee Bar

Mostly just a moving pose to fill the slots but let Stitch get into Mom and Dads stuff too. My daughter knows this is Mommy’s spot in the morning. If your a coffee lover it’s a great spot to use.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea

13.Take a Spin on the Tea Cups

We obviously love Disney and my daughter loves the tea cups so I set up this make shift Tea Cups ride with coffee mugs and other friends. Something your littles are sure to get a kick out of.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea

14.Threaten to Call Santa

Ok so I know everyone doesn’t have a pillow that says this but you can totally make a sign. Let’s face it we definitely have rough days as parents and the kids have rough days to. I’ve probably threatened to call Santa more times that I can count.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea

15.Do you Wanna Build a Snowman

Ok so maybe you don’t have a Olaf but you can still build a snowman. Use Powdered Sugar Donuts, or cotton balls. Make it fun and build and snowman Elsa and Anna to help or not.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea

16.Have him make new Friends

I found these little houses in yet again the Target Dollar Spot. We are so into all things little houses so I thought these were just so cute! I know she will love these when the day comes to give them to her. We also love little people so you could use those if you have them laying around.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea

17.Have Stitch excite the kids for the days plans

I used a little tree I had in my decor and wrote a little note about getting the Christmas tree. You could use it for a movie night, or any other activities too.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea


18.Giving Back

Just like announcing plans for the day have Stitch show ways to share kindness. Have spare change leave it with Stitch for the kids to toss in the Salvation Army bucket the next time your out. Get an Angel Tree child or buying for a child in need have Stitch leave a note about shopping for another child and how it’s better to give than receive.

Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea

19.Use the Kids Toys

You can totally get creative with the Toys the kids have in the house already. I used some little dogs to make it like Santa Stitch and the reindeer, and get Fire Truck for Stitch to take a ride on. I used her favorite Ice cream set to have Stitch eating the ice cream. If you get a few minutes with the kids Toys you can totally get creative!

Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea Holiday Mischief with Stitch Idea

20.Hot Cocoa Date for Two

We are loving Hot Cocoa right now so set Stitch up for a Hot Cocoa Date. This plate was another Target find and it came with the plastic mugs which I’ve been looking for everywhere because my child wants a mug to drink from and glass is well breakable.

I hope this helps in giving you some ideas for using your Stitch this Season. These were just a few ideas I came up with but I may not use all of them. Make sure to check out my Instagram where I’ll be sharing Stitch in my stories daily.

You can find your own Holiday Mischief with Stitch here.


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