8 Best Photo Spots at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival

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We all love fun photo spots around The Disney Parks and Epcot Festivals seem to be just as great at having them.

The Festival Center Wall

Step into the festival center and right up top in the middle is what I like to call the Festival Wall. It’s the perfect place to snap a photo sipping a Mimosa from Simmering Sips, or maybe in a new Spirit Jersey.

Front Entrance

When you walk into Epcot there is the perfect that little set up to welcome you to the Food & Wine Festival. This is always a great spot to take photos, in the evening and during the day.

Middle Walkway

As you walk towards the World Showcase there is a great spot to snap photos. In the past several years they have even created a little walkway so you can get closer to the set up.

Chef Daisy

I love that this year they have Chef Daisy meeting guest in the World Showcase. You can find her where Pluto usually meets.

The bridge before France

I love this photo spot, and for Food & Wine this is one of the spots where you can get the Chef Remy magic shot.

International Gateway

If you come in from the International Gateway or your heading to France when coming from the Canada side your find the big Food and Wine sign. If you want a picture with no one in the background this is one of the best spots to do so during the festival.

Chef Mickey Topiary

In the middle of the entrance to the World Showcase is the Chef Mickey topiary. I love this version of Chef Mickey I just think he is adorable. So a solo picture of him or one with you or your family is absolutely a great option.


Across from the main pavilion is the little area overlooking the lagoon. In the evenings there is often a photo pass person on the bridge, but even further down near the water where you can get Space Ship earth in the background is a great spot. This one is a good spot anytime of year but I just love it more during the festival.

It’s always fun having great spots for photos in the Parks? Do you have any during Food and Wine Festival I’ve missed?


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