5 Reasons to Rent a Stroller for Disney

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When it comes to traveling to Disney with Kids one must have is of course a stroller! You can’t ever go wrong but bringing all the things can get super overwhelming. There are options like renting a stroller, and it’s a great alternative to bringing your own but don’t rent one at the parks, they are hard plastic and no storage and there are definitely other options. Rent from Kingdom Strollers

*this post may contain affiliate links, this stroller was comped for my stay but all opinions are my own

Kingdom Strollers is a Disney approved stroller vendor meaning they work closely with Disney and are allowed to deliver on Disney property. So why should you rent with Kingdom Strollers?

Guaranteed to fit Disney’s Size Requirement

May 1st new Strollers guidelines went into effect at Disney. This mainly affects people who were using Keens wagons but also some double strollers. All Kingdom Strollers Double Strollers fit Disney guidelines so it’s a great reason to rent from them.

Delivered right to your Resort

Kingdom Strollers delivers right to your resort, and you don’t have to be there for delivery. They will drop it off day or arrival and you just pick it up from Bell Services when you arrive, and you drop it back in the same place upon departure. It’s simple and so easy!

Don’t have to worry about Stroller Damage

While you can gate check your stroller with the airline they aren’t always easy on Strollers. I’ve had one damaged because of this so renting keeps your expensive Strollers from being damaged.

More Space in your Car if your Driving

There is nothing worse than driving on a trip and the stroller taking up a big amount of space in the trunk. We all know traveling with kids doesn’t come light. Renting a stroller at least frees up that space.

Less Wear and Tear on your Stroller

If you use your stroller often they can wear quick. I own a Bob and we use it often for walks and jogging through the neighborhood. Disney is a lot of walking, one day can often be 5+ miles of walking so renting can save some wear and tear on a stroller.

Nice Good Quality Affordable Stroller

My favorite stroller to rent from Kingdom Strollers is the City Mini GT. It’s perfect for my very long 3 year old. A good stroller is so important for Disney in my opinion especially for a young child. My top qualities are good sun shade, optical storage space, and smooth ride. You will get all of that with a Kingdom Strollers Rental.

Kingdom Strollers Rentals also come with a free rain cover. A true rain cover that fits your stroller is so important in Florida. The last thing you want is a soaking wet stroller for days.

Rent your Kingdom Strollers stroller here for your next Disney trip. You won’t be sorry that you did!


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