5 Reasons Why a Park Hopper is Worth It

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  Are Park Hopper tickets really worth the extra cost? During the months from mid August through late December Magic Kingdom host Halloween and Christmas parties. What does this mean for day guest? Basically it means that you have to be out of the park by 7pm if you don’t have a ticket to these events and that the park closes to you at 6pm.

I typically wouldn’t recommend park hoppers to people going on their first trips, or with young kids because it can be a lot of work and you might not get your money’s worth. However during Party season I think the park hopper is more worth it.

1. You can enjoy Magic Kingdom with less crowds on Party Days

I love Magic Kingdom on Party nights especially earlier in the day. The park is typically less crowded since they close early and there is no night time entertainment. The smaller rides that are great for kids have very minimal waits, and sometimes are even walk ons. It makes for a fun family morning where you can do so many things in such a short time period especially if you are using Fastpass.

2. You can go back on a non party day and see the night time entertainment

On party nights there is no night time entertainment for day guest. So no Happily Ever After. With a park hopper you can head back over later one evening so you can still take in the beautiful fireworks and night time ambience of the Magic Kingdom.

3.  You can go to a 2nd park once Magic Kingdom closes or even in the late afternoon

Around 4pm the party guest can start entering the park and it does get more crowded, so it’s the perfect time to leave without a huge crowd leaving and hop over to another park for the remainder of the day.

We love dining in Epcot multiple times each trip so the park hopper allows us to do this. It also allows you to not have to have a specific plan every day. You can hop wherever you want to go later with ease. Miss something at another park, well you now have the freedom to go back and enjoy it.

4. You can avoid Magic Kingdom on HIGH attendance days

Non Party days are very high attendance days for Magic Kingdom. When the park is closing early sometimes 4-5 days out of the week more people are drawn to longer park hours.

Of course one perk of the hopper is you can go back on one of these days to enjoy fireworks, but you can skip the craziness of a very busy filled park day.

5.  If you take a mid day break you don’t have to return to the same park

We love the ability to split park days to ch age things up. Start the day at Magic Kingdom and finish the day at Hollywood Studios after a short break. We still get in what we want through the trip at every park but it’s more fun to see a change of scenery later in the day too.

If you miss something, you have the ability to go back if you have the TIME!

You never know when a ride might go down, or with shorter park hours you just can’t squeeze it all in, or your child is already about in melt down mode and it’s better off you leave for the moment. Of course this means you might miss something that was on your must do list. A park hopper gives the ability to go back for that one thing you missed.

I truly believe adding a Park Hopper to your ticket is 100% worth it especially during party season. Having the flexibility to go anywhere and not be tied down to one place is really the perfect reason to spend just a little extra. Do you add Park Hoppers to your Disney Park ticket?


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