14 Days of Love Through Bible Verses

One of my goals for this year is to spread love, kindness and magic. There is no better time to start than in a month filled with love. Most importantly to show my child God’s love, and how we can be God’s Love to others.  While at 2 she may not understand all the verses and stories just yet I know the little things we teach them now stick with them. 

When I think of TRUE LOVE, or LOVE in general God and Jesus are truly the ultimate definition. Which sparked the 14 Days of Love through Bible Verses. 

I grabbed some little foam hearts in the dollar spot at Target, $1 for 8. I could have easily cut out hearts and you can definitely do that. With a toddler I figured the foam ones were a little more durable. 

I debated how we would use these for a while, and I decided to display them in the form of garland. Each day we can read the verse for the day, but will be able to look at them all each day. 

I had some verses in mind when I thought of this project, and I did some digging for a few others. I used a permanent marker and wrote the verses out on each heart, punches holes in the top and strung them. Because of the space where I wanted to hang them I did it on two strands. 

If you have an older child I think it would be super cute to do a a jar with paper hearts with verses. They could pull one out each day to read and hang them some way. 

The one verse I didn’t use that I wanted too was John 3:16. If you align it right it actually spells out Valentine. I couldn’t get it to fit on a heart, so I plan on adding this free printable in a little frame you can get it here.

Let use the month to share God’s love and be the example of God’s love. Through social media, in our communities, in our homes and schools.  Shine for all to see and spread Love and Kindness. 

I’ll be sharing each days verse on my instagram, and a few acts of love or kindness as well. Follow my page over at @magicallymegan and use hashtag #14daysodlove and #magicallymegan so I can see what your doing in your home! 

Disney’s Yacht Club Ale and Compass Breakfast Review

One of my favorite things to eat at Disney is breakfast! It sounds crazy coming from me, considering most days I hardly eat much at all for breakfast. I’m just not a breakfast person. At Disney I want to fuel up for a day in the parks, plus there are so many great options. 

On our December trip we decided to book a reservation at the new Ale and Compass At Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. Let me tell you it did not disappoint. 

Ale and Compass replaced the Captains Grille and the location got a beautiful overhaul. It had a very modern Nautical Vibe to it, and honestly it was super cozy! 

The menu had a lot of great options for breakfast, from your traditional items, to a twist on traditional items and more. 

The location has a Hearth Oven, and at breakfast their Breakfast pie is cooked in the oven. They also have other Hearth Oven Pies at lunch and dinner. 

We ordered a press pot of their Joffrey’s coffee. Joffrey’s is so underrated on Disney property and I would much rather have their coffee over Starbucks.  We love ordering a press pot when we sit down to breakfast, and it’s really not much more than getting a default cup of coffee. 

My 2 year old kept it pretty simple and of course wanted Mickey Waffles and chose to order her own bacon for the first time. She hasn’t really had it much but when the server asked her the girl knew what she wanted. 

I went with the Blueberry and Bacon Pancakes. I dream of these pancakes, they are seriously some of the best I’ve ever had. Knowing that bacon at Disney isn’t anything to special I debated ordering them, but these were the real deal. There were good thick cut pieces of bacon and fresh blueberries in these pancakes, and they were crispy around the edges but still perfectly fluffy in the middle. I seriously can not wait to go back for these. 

My husband ordered the breakfast pie, and again this did not disappoint either. We weren’t sure what to expect but when it came out it was almost like a breakfast pizza cooked in their Hearth Oven. The crust of it was soft yet crispy with that wood fire over taste. It will honestly be hard to choose what to order when we return. 

My husband had to work for a bit after breakfast, so he went over to the Ale and Compass Lounge next door  while my daughter and I ventured to Epcot for a while. He decided to check out the Captains Bloody Mary which is the same one on the Ale and Compass breakfast menu. This one comes with a Lobster Claw and a bacon strip, so of course he says no other Bloody Mary even compares. I am not a Bloody Mary fan so I can’t really compare.

When I returned from Epcot my daughter was asleep so I joined him for a beverage. Ale and Compass Lounge is very easily one of my new favorite Lounges on property to just stop, relax and have a drink. 

I tried their Maple Old Fashioned, it has a very different spin to it and that probably makes it one of my most favorite Old Fashions ever. It’s your typical bourbon and bitters, but instead of just the twist of orange or orange peel they use Orange Juice and Maple Syrup and was so good. We liked it so much we actually stopped by to hang out again on our last day of the trip. 

Ale and Compass gets a 10 out of 10 in my book, from the exceptional service to the food. We are eager to try it out for other meals as well, and hope it is just as good. We would much rather do these nice quiet sit down breakfast than all the character ones. Character meals are fun and we do try and do one a trip, or the ones that have those harder to find characters but we enjoy spending much less, getting fresh food and a little less chaos. 

Do you have favorite breakfast spots at Walt Disney World? 

*Ale and Compass offers Annual Pass Holder, DVC and Tables in Wonderland discounts. The Lounge also takes Tables in Wonderland. 

Setting Goals, Dreams and Ambitions for 2018

So it’s taking me a few days, ok weeks  into the New Year to really compile this post, but I think it’s important to do for myself even if no one reads it. I thinking writing down your goals and looking at them through the year helps you work harder to obtain those goals. I’m more about setting goals for the year than resolutions really. Here are some goals and plans I have for 2018! 

Create more Simplified living, and Life

I’ve really fallen in love with Author Emily Ley, so when her new book A Simplified Life came out in November I knew it was the perfect thing for the new year. 

I love her thoughts on intentional living, creating a Simplified Life that works for you and your life and family. One that doesn’t mean perfectly labeled and organized pantry’s, or toy rooms but ones that make your life easier. She is currently doing a 31 day Simplified Challenge you can do in around 15 minutes each day to start simplifying things in your life. 

I also have her Simplified Planner which I’ve been super excited to use. As a blogger, small shop owner, Mom, Wife, Friend I need something to really plan things. You can even meal plan here. I’m a write it down kind of person.

Read More 

To be honest I spend too much time on electronics so my goal is to read a lot more in 2018.  I want to read books for pleasure, to better my self, Faith Based, self help. Here are a few I’m adding to my list this year. 

  1. The Simplified Life (of Course) 
  2. Grace Not Perfection (re read) 
  3. Big Little Lies 
  4. 12 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit
  5. The Best Yes 
  6. The Happiness Project (I’ve had this for far too long) 

I plan on adding at least 4 more to this which doesn’t include my devotionals. I love to read and is something I haven’t spent enough time doing. and this is all part of me doing something for me, and taking care of myself. 


Grace Not Perfection 

“I will live by a standard of Grace Not Perfection” – Emily Ley 

I read the book Grace Not Perfection last year as I was going through a really rough time in my life. It really spoke to me in ways I needed then and I was dealing with some pretty serious anxiety which I haven’t opened up much about. A lot of the anxiety really dealt with motherhood and the unknowns, but also the feeling of constantly drowning in all that needed to be done. 

I decided that I want to re read this book this year as I think it may speak to me in a different way.

Grace Not Perfection is my word for the year. Well I guess really my motto, but I’m going to strive for this daily, in all walks of life. 

Self Care 

One thing I plan do more of this year is self care. Self Care doesn’t always mean a day at the spa though those are wonderful, or fancy bath bombs, or expensive things. For me sometimes is just a hot quiet bath, some yoga, or getting up 45 minutes before my daughter to make sure I get my quiet time in, or a grocery trip by myself. Though I know this seems like what everyone does, I’m also going to start up a work out routine. 

When I got in my deepest point of my anxiety being bad last fall I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was overwhelmed, not sleeping enough and just physically and mentally exhausted. I refuse to let myself get to that point again. To be able to take care of those I love I have to take care of myself too. That’s hard to do sometimes as a mom but I’m learning. 

In order to be the best version of myself I also need to take care of myself. 

Grow my Blog and Small Shop 

I took the leap of owning and starting  my own business in May of last year. My blog launched in May and my small shop back in August. I’m so glad I did, it’s grown and continues to grow so I’m so excited to see where it will be after a full year, and also by the end of 2018. 

I’m setting goals and chasing dreams and I can’t wait to see where this year takes me! 

Grow in My Faith 

I haven’t been that great at having a daily quiet time with God but when I do it makes my entire day different. Prayer, faith, and my trust in him helped get me through some of the darkest times of 2017. I’m learning to let go and let God. I’m excited to dig deeper in my faith this year in so many ways and make that top priority in my life. 


Spread Love and Kindness, Make Magic 

Our world needs so much love and kindness, and I want to spread as much as I can this year. I also want to teach my daughter to be kind and loving and I know that starts with me. 

I’ve got a little Valentines project up my sleeve about Love I’ll be sharing soon, and I’m brainstorming for more ideas through the year. 

When I worked for Disney making Magic was the most rewarding part of my job. Sure we were supposed to but I always loved going above and beyond that in any way I could. I’ve missed that, and I’ve realized I don’t have to be at Disney for that to be a thing. 

I’m looking forward to 2018, making it a better year. Being healthy, happy, loving, kind and creating everyday Magic. Oh and of course lots of Disney Magic and time with precious family!