Ultimate Guide to Characters at Epcot

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Sometimes when people think of Epcot they think it’s not a park for young kids, and there just isn’t a lot for them to do there. Did you know there are over 18 different characters you can actually meet throughout Epcot including in the World Showcase? This is actually one of my 3 year olds favorites parks for this very reason.

Lets start with the Future World side of the park.


To the right once you walk in you’ll find Pluto (this picture is from his old meet and greet area) He is there daily until about 3pm. Be sure to grab a times guide as the time is subject to change.

Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy

Head up the pathway past the Epcot ball, and to the character spot. Here you will find Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. The line can get pretty long especially early in the day so hen that side of the park is all that’s open. Fast Pass is available however it is a Tier 1 Fast Pass it’s not always worth it. If your around later in the evening the line tends to slow down. It’s so popular because it is actually the only place you can still see Mickey in his classic red and black suite and Minnie in her red polka dot dress.


Right across the way from where you visit Mickey and friends you will find Baymax. He is literally an inflated so make sure to be careful but if you have a Big Hero 6 lover in your life this is a must.

Joy and Sadness

In the same area as Baymax you will find Joy and Sadness. The meet and greet is for them together but if you wanted a picture with one over the the other you can always ask.

Wreck it Ralph and Venelope

Ralph and Venelope now have a more permanent home at Epcot. The gift shop when you exit Figment seems to be their new permanent meet and greet. I have a kiddo who couldn’t be more thrilled. Ralph is so popular now it was a smart move by Disney to find them a more permanent spot and keep them around.

Now to enter the World Showcase where you will find 11 characters around.

Daisy Duck

Right as your entering the World Showcase you will want to make a left towards Mexico and visit Daisy Duck. This was changed in the fall she used to be where Pluto now is. She meets daily from 11 am until 6pm but times are always subject to change.

Mexican Donald

Keep making your way towards the Mexico Pavilion and on the left just past the building itself you will find Mexican Donald. If it’s raining they will often move him inside the pavilion somewhere.

Anna and Elsa

When you leave Mexico and enter into Norway you will find the meet and greet for Anna and Elsa. It’s thankfully not as busy as they used to be when they were in Magic Kingdom, of course give it time for Frozen 2 to come out and I’m sure the line will get pretty lengthy again. They are there park open to close daily as Norway opens with the park because of the Frozen attraction.


Next you will enter China where you can often find Mulan. The World Showcase itself doesn’t open until 11am and the times for the princess meets get a little wacky so I 100% recommend you pick up at times guide as it can change and they don’t all just come out right at 11am and you need to have a plan.

Snow White

Right as you enter into Germany you will find the meet and greet area for Snow White. Again get a times guide and have a plan.


Jasmine can be found in Morocco. She can be a little hidden as she isn’t outside like many of the other princesses. You will need to almost walk to the back of Morocco and she has a little area back there that’s inside.


When you arrive in France you will be able to meet 2 princesses. The first will be Belle. Belle is one that comes out right at 11. To see her with minimal wait be at the rope drop for the showcase. While France area does open with the park it’s only the bakery. The area were Belle can be found is a small side walk extension.

Aurora- Sleeping Beauty

Aurora also found in France will be found more in the main area and has a little Gazebo spot. I’ve seen Belle and Aurora swap spots from time to time. Mostly during Christmas where you can often find Belle out in her Christmas dress so they swap them.


Heading back towards the middle of the showcase you will find Alice in the United Kingdom. She is out right to your left certain times of day, again this is where that times guide comes in handy.

Mary Poppins

On the back side of the United Kingdom right by the garden area you can find Mary Poppins. She is usually only out until about 2 or 3 so her time is limited but we just love seeing her. This is one of the only places you are guaranteed to see Mary Poppins. On occasion she is out at Magic Kingdom but that’s usually a surprise.

4 tips for seeing characters in the World Showcase

1. Get in line early, before the set time. These lines get long and often get cut off quickly once the character arrives. With the exception of Anna and Elsa.

2. Get a times guide when you arrive to Epcot and make a plan. Some characters are out later than others so see the ones that leave early like Mary Poppins first.

3. For the shortest lines rope drop the Princesses in France. The World Showcase opens at 11am be there early.

4. Have plenty of sunscreen, water and a fan many of these are outside in the open and it gets HOT!

If you have a Disney Chase Visa there is a special meet and greet for you. It hardly ever has a wait but you just never know who you might see. This is located over next Figment. You will see members of the Fab 5 there. We typically have seen Mickey and Goofy but we have also seen Minnie and Pluto there once or twice too.

There are 2 location for character dining in the Park as well. Chip and Dales Harvest Feast at Garden Grill where you can dine with Chip, Dale, Mickey and Pluto. This is located in the land Pavilion. There is also Akershus in Norway which is dining with the Princesses. The line up is never guaranteed but Belle is in front to greet guest with a photo pass photographer. You could see Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmine, Aurora, and even Snow White inside.

Lastly keep your eyes peeled. Every so often there are two spot characters could spontaneously show up. At the World Gateway entrance/exit I’ve seen Eeyore, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, Ariel in her gown, and a few others. This is not guaranteed and it’s only been by pure luck to happen upon these characters. Also there is a spot that every so often there is a character palooza over in between Canada and the United Kingdom. Again these are rare and pure luck. They aren’t scheduled and definitely do not happen every day.

If you have a child that loves characters you could literally spend most the day here doing this. This alone is a big reason as to why Epcot is great to kids but there are also many others!



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