10 Characters to Meet in their Christmas Outfits at Walt Disney World

The Holiday Season is here and it’s so fun to see the parks decked out in all the Christmas decor, and Christmas music playing. The treats are themed, holiday merchandise adorns the shelves but what about those adorable characters we all know and love?

There are spots to find some of the characters in the parks in their Christmas outfits. Yes even without going to Mickey’s Verry Merry Christmas Party.

Mickey and Minnie

You can fine Mickey and Minnie in their Holiday sweaters at Animal Kingdom. This is a spot I love because you can still see Mickey and Minnie together there.

Santa Goofy

While it states in the Hollywood Times Guide that Santa Goofy won’t be meeting until right after Santa heads back to the North Pole to go deliver Christmas gifts at Holly he is also often out to the left of Muppets Courtyard across from Baseline Taphouse. He can also be found at Minnies Holiday Dine at Hollywood and Vine which is what is pictured here.

Chip and Dale

You can find Chip and Dale with a little Holiday flare at Hollywood Studios not far from where Santa Goofy is. They will be to the right of Muppets Courtyard down near where the wall is for Star Wars Land.


You can find Pluto all cozied up for winter at Epcot. His location has moved as he is in the front of the park to the right, right before you get to Space Ship earth. We love Pluto and his little Ear Muffs and scarf are just adorable!

Belle in her Christmas Dress

You can find Belle all fancy in her beautiful Christmas dress. I love she comes out in this. She is in the gazebo on the right side of the France pavilion where you typically see Aurora and Aurora has moved where you typically find Belle.

Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jesse

You can find the gang from Toy Story in Toy Story Land with a bit of holiday fun this year. Buzz has a Santa hat, and Woody and Jesse has on their Christmas vest. Toy Story Land is so festive and I love it!

Santa and Mrs. Claus

You can find Santa a few places at Walt Disney World. He is Disney Springs, Hollywood Studios, and Mrs. Claus joins him at Epcot. While I know he isn’t a Disney character the experience seeing Santa at Disney Parks is one that you should totally take advantage of if you can!

While this isn’t free if you dine at Minnies Hollywood Dine for lunch or dinner you can see Santa Goofy, Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Daisy all in their Christmas outfits! Of course you can also see some of the gang at Mickey’s Verry Merry Christmas Party as well which is a separate event ticket but their outfits are different from what you see in the parks daily.

Make the most of being in the parks this season and visit these characters in their Holiday outfits. It’s fun and also a unique experience you can only get this time of year.


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